VMAX® accreditation is the gold standard in virtual reality cinema.

VMAX® movies transcend traditional filmmaking by harnessing the power of VR technology.

VMAX® accreditation recognizes excellence in VR storytelling and differentiates VMAX® films from conventional movies, offering audiences a new dimension of cinematic experience.

We collaborate with filmmakers, technology developers, and distribution partners to ensure premium storytelling experiences enthral our audience. 

Enhancing Cinematic Experiences

VMAX® are revolutionizing the way stories are told and experienced. Through VMAX® accredited films, viewers are not just passive spectators but active participants in a narrative that unfolds in an immersive, 360-degree virtual world.

Distinction from Traditional Films

Unlike traditional cinema, VMAX® movies offer a spatial and interactive narrative journey. This innovative format allows viewers to engage with the story fully immersively, transforming watching a film into a dynamic, multi-sensory experience.

VMAX® Accreditation Criteria

1. Why VR ?

Narrative Enhancement: VMAX® films harness VR’s capabilities to add depth and perspective to storytelling that traditional cinema cannot match. By immersing viewers in the story’s world, VR adds a layer of engagement and empathy to the narrative.

In a VMAX® film, viewers might travel alongside characters, explore environments, or witness events from unique vantage points, offering a richer, more nuanced storytelling experience.

2. Primacy of Story

Narrative Focus: The core of a VMAX® film is its story. The technology serves the narrative, not vice versa, ensuring the plot remains engaging and coherent within the immersive VR environment.

Story-Driven Experience: Each film is evaluated on how effectively its story is conveyed and enhanced through VR, ensuring a captivating and meaningful viewer experience.

3. User Comfort and Accessibility

Comfortable Viewing: Films are designed for viewing in various comfortable positions – whether sitting in an easy chair, relaxing on a sofa, flying on a plane, or lying in bed.

Enjoyable Experience: The VR experience is crafted to be enjoyable and engaging, avoiding physical strain or discomfort for viewers.

4. Interactivity and Control

Gaze Control: Physical controllers are not required. Instead, interactivity is managed through intuitive gaze control, allowing for a more natural and accessible viewing experience.

Simplified Interaction: The focus is on immersion and narrative engagement, not on complex controls or interactions

5. Cinematography and Point of View

Fixed POV: VMAX® films feature a front-facing point of view within a complete 360-degree scene environment, creating a focused yet immersive experience.

The Viewer is the Camera: VMAX® films adhere to a “One Shot” approach, eschewing traditional transitions like fading to black. This technique is more than an aesthetic choice; it’s a deliberate method to maintain narrative continuity. By avoiding breaks in the visual flow, we ensure the viewer’s experience is seamless and immersive, keeping them deeply engaged in the unfolding story without interruption.

6. Technical Specifications

Game Engine Integration: Films must be built using advanced game engines like Unreal, leveraging their capabilities to create rich, interactive worlds.

Z Space Utilization: Unlike standard 180/360 films, VMAX® movies utilize Z space to create a truly three-dimensional experience, offering a depth of field and spatial awareness that enhances viewer immersion

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Where can you watch VMAX® Movies?

An Exclusive Cinema Experience Like Never Before with VMAX® Onboard Prestigious Airlines”

VMAX® is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with leading airlines to offer our groundbreaking virtual reality movies to premium passengers. This unique in-flight entertainment option is available only to select first and business-class travellers, providing an unparalleled cinematic experience at 30,000 feet.
As you recline in comfort, immerse yourself in the captivating world of VMAX® movies. Our specially curated selection of VR films transforms your flight into an extraordinary journey far beyond the realms of traditional in-flight entertainment. This exclusive offering is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and luxurious experiences to discerning travellers worldwide.

If you are interested in offering exclusive VMAX® content, to your customers, then please reach out by scheduling a meeting.

Coming in 2025:

VMAX® Home Viewing Experience

“Get Ready to Welcome VMAX® into Your Home”

In 2025, we’re taking a giant leap forward by introducing a new VMAX® portal, akin to Netflix, but exclusively for our VR movies. This subscription-based service will allow you to dive into the immersive world of VMAX® movies from the comfort of your home, using devices like the Metaquest 3.

Imagine having access to a library of immersive VR films, where stories unfold in a 360-degree panorama around you. Our platform will offer an array of genres, from heart-pounding adventures to emotive dramas, all crafted exclusively for virtual reality. The VMAX® home subscription will redefine home entertainment, offering an unmatched, immersive viewing experience.

Click on the ‘Get Early Access’ button and drop us an email if you would like updates as we gear up to bring VMAX® into your living room. Get ready to be part of a cinematic revolution that transcends boundaries and brings the future of film to your doorstep.

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